Spit Band

Perverting The Gift Of Music Since 1985

Vinnie SPIT is a multi-instrumentalist and composer.
He performed as SPIT from 1985 to 2002.
He was also a member of Batz Without Flesh and Zoccola.

E-mail: VinnieSPIT@aol.com

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Reviews of SPIT

Vinnie Spit

Vinnie Spit

"Whether you find SPIT funny, offensive, or sexist,
one thing remains clear: the boy has talent."
- Sheila Gallagher, The Review

"Mr. SPIT attempts to be the grosses person on vinyl
and very nearly succeeds."
- Andrea 'Enthal, Alternative Press

"Hold on to your morals...here we go. Vinnie SPIT is the sexual and musical equivalent of a porn shop. He does not use sex to sell his music, if anything, he uses music to sell his sex."
- Bushman, AUTOreverse Magazine

"The ultimate in pain and pleasure simultaneously."
- Keith York, Chicago

"A highly controversial jack-of-all trades."
- Chris Rice, The Review

- C. Flesh, Talk is Cheap


"All at once disgusting, horrible and thoroughly enjoyable."
- Peter Shershin, New Route

"A trad rockin' dude on a sick roll, working up a later of biker buzz."
- Ralph Traitor, England's Vinyl Countdown

"Incredible one-man-band....stunning."
- Dutch East India Trading

"The girls were adorable, scantily clad and danced the whole time in provacative styles.
A robust combination of swing and porno-punk with lyrics that when far beyond naughty."
- Eve Howard, Stand Corrected Junior

"An attention grabber."
- George Kledaras, Reflex Magazine

"Guitars roar with lust."
- Fred Mills, The BOB

"Beat-sensitive and driving."
- Michael Andreas, The Review

On Specific Albums
You Would If You Loved Me
"Mr. Spit is someone who probably gets the "he's just so talented" compliment a lot of the time. Great live show. Way sick and way cool."
- David Lee Beowulf, Ink 19 Magazine
"Excellent, harrowing record."
- Mason Jones, File 13
"Insanity with a beat."
- Sherri Trahan, Rockpool
"Hey PMRC! Have I got an album for you..."
- Dave Hamil, Big Shout
The Persecution of Genius
"If the major lables can swallow, then the SPIT should sell a serious number of units in the alternative market a la the Dead Kennedy's."
- Street Sound
"Mr. SPIT may seem like one fucked up dude, but he probably is a genius. He can play just about every instrument on the planet."
- Holly A. Ennist, East Coast Rocker
"Wake the fuck up! This is satire...with lyrics that take its concept beyond it's logical extreme."
- Brutarian Magazine
"Spit, if not a genius, is certainly a ridiculously talented individual."
- Industrial Nation
The Godfather of Smut
"I don't know whether to laugh or cry, but it's funny. I don't know...genius or idiot?"
- Chicken, Spooky Poop Zine
"Porn-core from hell. This guy sounds like he puts on one hell of a stage show."
- Billy Whitfield, Toxic Flyer
The Tao of SPIT
"Live and more raw than 100 all-nude chicks in a sleazy strip club."
- Billy Whitfield, Toxic Flyer Fanzine
"Mr. SPIT and his company of sick little boys and girls kicking out their brand of toilet rock n roll."
- Ink and Destroy Zine
"Raw, nasty, crude, hilarious, sick, live. Great rants between songs. Definitely worth spit."
- Ken-10
Crude, Rude, Dude
"Mr. SPIT is back with more sick and nasty tunes.Stuff that could burn your stereo."
- Billy Whitfield, Toxic Flyer Fanzine